art.homes is an art project which – under the motto of friendship – aims at promoting young artists from Munich and Istanbul. Ten artists from Munich and ten from Istanbul will meet and be paired up to share and make use of 10 apartments in Istanbul (2010) and in Munich (2011). The artists are supposed to respond to the specific spatial situation of each apartment and work there experimentally, so that everyday homes will be transformed into art laboratories. Their art-in-progress will also be accessible to the public for the duration of 10 days. Further to the artistic work itself, the development of friendships between the artist pairs constitutes an essential aspect of this project, as this may provide perspectives for their further collaboration.. more...
Illustration: Irmela Fürst Illustration: Andreas Ohrenschall
p2a      art in mobis
Mai 2014
p2b caravan projects take me along
2015 + 2016
p1a      an exchange program of      Munich-Istanbul artists
2010 + 2011
Mehmet Dayi wants to bring art to port-a-potties - a conversation about the importance of curators for artists Bring art to unusual places - that is the idea behind many of the projects realized by Mehmet Dayi. For example, he has organized the exhibition "Zimmer frei - room available" in Hotel Mariandl for the last twelve years as part of his job with the City of Munich's Department for Culture. In 2011, working as an independent curator for the project "Art Homes," he brought art into private flats in Munich and Istanbul. Currently, he is planning his next independent project: with "Nimm mich mit - take me along," ten curators and ten artists will present their art in ten European cities - in motorhomes. The long journey is slated to begin in 2014, but as a prelude Dayi wants to implement an unusual idea this coming (2013) in Munich: exhibit art in mobile port-a-potties. Judith Liere, SZ, 21.09.2012 more...
More than any other art form, the visual arts have developed and expanded in various directions. Traditional museum-like presentations are no longer appropriate for many of these new forms. New innovative presentation forms are needed. The young curators and artists selected for “nimm mich mit” will be equipped and prepared accordingly. The promotion of upcoming artists is an important driver of further innovation in contemporary art. But it is equally important to provide support for emerging curators as well. more...
The project takes place in the following cities Munich / Genoa / Kosice / Graz / Zagreb / Rotterdam / Sarajevo The motorhomes will set up in central public spaces in each of these cities to form a temporary artist village. Every time the exhibitions will be reconceived anew, taking inspiration from the particularities of each city. In the following ten days, city residents will then have the opportunity to visit the art caravan and see the works created in each motorhome.         more...
Call for young curators and artists 10 emerging curators from 10 European cities take 10 young artists on a trip We invite young curators to apply together with an artist of their choice from their city.  Each of the ten selected curators will then be paired with one of the ten selected artists, a different artist for each city to be visited. Each of these pairs will share a motorhome, which will be transformed by the artist.  The convoy of ten motorhomes will travel to each participating city and set up a temporary “trailer park” in a public place. There, the artists will have a week to create their works in the motorhomes, which will then be presented to the public for a period of ten days. For the following city, each curator will be paired with another artist and the process of transforming the motorhomes will begin anew. The official call for artists follows in the coming months.
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